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The Love Shoot

I think there is nothing more romantic than watching an older couple walk down the street hand in hand. Or a middle-aged couple immersed in conversation over a lovely meal, still madly in love. Love isn’t restricted to newly-weds - indeed in my experience, the longer partners are together the more love grows! Not just a physical attraction, but a love and appreciation for the person and everything they do.

I love celebrating this love! What could me more fun and encouraging!! Love Shoots can be done at anytime and at any age. From couples in their 20’s to couples in their 80’s! They aim to capture that special bond between the couple – often celebrating something the couple do together – perhaps walking in the hills, playing bowls or cooking together!

The Experience

Each love shoot is very individual – we spend time together before hand to ensure we get the location, style and feel just right for you.

I want you to really enjoy your photography experience with us. Your shoot will be relaxed and fun – the more natural your photographs the better they will look!

After the photoshoot, we’ll nicely retouch your photographs to make sure you look your absolute best! We’ve also got a really stunning range of products. We specialise in framed products for your wall and have a range to suit all homes.

How it works

1. Give the studio a call or email. We’ll have a chat about what to wear, the photographs you want, swap ideas etc. We can also book you in for an optional 10min planning meeting should you wish. This ensures you get exactly what you want from your session. We’ll also book you a 1hr appointment for your photography session at a later date.

2. Enjoy your creative, fun photo session.

3. About a week after the shoot, we’ll invite you into the studio to view the photographs.

4. You can purchase whatever products you desire.

Love Shoot - £265

Enjoy an amazing couples shoot in a local park. You won’t want to hide these beautiful images, so we’ve included a 30x20in canvas wrap!

Our Products

We have a lovely range of products to suit every taste and home. Each product has been carefully chosen for it’s quality and beauty

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